Café on Café on Café

Spanish word of the day:
la serpiente [ser-pe-en’-tay]
feminine noun
1. snake
2. serpent

– My Spanish teacher and I spent a solid 10 minutes talking about snakes this morning (in Spanish of course). She has a friend that traveled to Costa Rica recently, only to find a gigantic snake coiled around a post in her room as she was trying to exit. A man from the housing complex had to come and coax the snake into a bag and toss it elsewhere because it was too big to try and shoo away. Excuse me, what? I better not walk home tonight to find una serpiente cuddling up in my bed.


So I’m going to start this post off a little differently because I’ve been getting some emails this week that are hitting close to home while I’m staying in Antigua. Have y’all ever heard of Sevenly?

— interrupting my own blogging. Is that possible? I don’t know, but I’m doing it because that’s how my mind works. If you want to meet people from all over with the coolest stories, come to Antigua. A couple men that are from England, but live in New Mexico, just stopped by my table to chat because they saw me taking pictures and gave me some suggestions on where else to visit here in town.

Anyway. Sevenly. So it’s an incredible company that partners with a new charity every week. The goal of the combined efforts of the company and it’s customers is to raise awareness and funds for the said charity. In order to raise these funds, Sevenly donates $7 of any purchase on the site directly to the cause; there are cause-specific items that are sold during the week of the particular charity, but the company also offers more general items that are sold longer than that week. The company has raised over 3 million dollars and is continuing to make a difference across the world.

The reason I’m sharing this with you all (other than the fact it’s a fabulous thing and you should subscribe all the weekly emails) is because this week’s cause is Food for the Poor. When you buy anything from Sevenly this week, that $7 donation will feed a starving child in Guatemala for 2 months. TWO MONTHS, MY FRIENDS. That’s a Chipotle burrito to you. Essentially, a chipotle burrito could feed a Guatemalan nugget for 60 days. All I’m saying is check it out and consider it. Give a hoot.


I have found my sanctuary in Antigua. There is a good chance I will find 25 more, but as of now –  Fernando’s Kaffee is my happy place. I’m on my second cup of café here and it’s safe to say I had my fair share at home this morning. If I don’t turn into a coffee bean by the time I’m stateside, it will surely be a miracle. Fernando and I awkwardly made eye contact so I felt it was the perfect time to experience my first attempt at a well-rounded Spanish conversation. HA. It quickly reverted to English, but I did try. Promise, mom and dad.

“It’s the kind of café where you can come and talk to people you’ve never seen before. You can disagree with everything everyone is saying, and still agree that you’re having a nice time.” – Fernando Arias

Fernando is passionate about producing quality products and ensuring his coffee and chocolate comes from the finest coffee beans and cacao. I’ve yet to try the chocolate, but with the café referring to it as the finest (legal) drug on Earth, I’m sure I won’t be able to resist it much longer.


So I’m on my second day of classes and I can say with confidence that this is going to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It makes me wish I didn’t have the attention span of a goldfish and also wish I spent less time googling cruises and Pitbull songs throughout the entirety of my Spanish class senior year of high school. While I know it will be a challenge, I have been blessed with the kindest, most patient and upbeat maestra: Dina. See her up there in that photo? She is an absolute doll. And Lord help her through the next five weeks because not only do I talk her ear off, but I ask about 1,000 questions during our 4-hour class period. (I started out with 5 hours, then caught myself counting the number of individual flowers in the school after the 4th hour. Oops.) I have never studied Spanish one-on-one, but I can already see the fruits of it after two days.  I need a refresher on the past tense? Claro. What was that word you defined for me seven times already? Tal vez, maybe. I don’t feel guilty when I regress back to lessons that were taught my freshman year of high school, nor do I feel like I hold anyone back when I skip through vocabulary that is somehow embedded in my memory from when I was six-years-old. Fun fact: today I tripped over un pizarrón (a dry erase board you see in the photo above) and knocked it over in the courtyard area of the school when we were dismissed from class. I was holding a cup of coffee. 


Y’all. This is my gym. COOLEST PLACE EVER, RIGHT? What makes it even more cool is that there are people my age. Kind of. In the vicinity of my age, anyway, from what I observed. (I’m fairly certain the average age of los estudiantes en mi escuela is about 55. En serio.) 34 dollhairs for a month membership, classes, and the softest t-shirt I’ve ever had. I’ll take it.

Alright, this is getting kind of lengthy. I really feel torn as to what to post because I feel like I could just keep adding things and adding things and adding things, then add more. When I feel less like a creepy gringo that just met mi familia two days ago, I will provide some insight to my pseudo family, but until then, I will leave you with Meme & Cosita. We will be friends soon, apparently I just take some getting used to.




2 responses to “Café on Café on Café

  1. Fernando’s chocolate best in Antigua. Try cafe codessas cakes and pastries! Have fun. Miss Antigua being back in MI winter!

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